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Pacemour Creative

Serving Columbus, Ohio businesses and events since 2014.

Who We Are

Pacemour is a creative agency based in Columbus, OH. We specialize in 3D projection mapping and other event-based visual & environmental installations. We’ve created these experiences for dozens of museum galas, fashion shows, corporate meetings, awards ceremonies, fundraisers and more. The installations range between environmental to directly interactive for individual event attendees, creating memorable experiences and lasting brand impressions. 

We also offer a wide range of traditional marketing services, such as branding, graphic design, video editing and animation. Along with those services comes a unique understanding of how those designs translate to physical environments as well as how customers interact with them.

Collectively we have over 25 years of event industry experience, an extensive experiential marketing background, deep knowledge of design & programming software and a talent for visual artistry. All of those things combine into a team that can definitely take your brand or your event to the next level.


While Pacemour was officially launched by Charles Erickson and Donnie Mossman in 2018, the partnership dates back to 2014 when they first collaborated for some unique interactive video experiences for Lyft and the Columbus Museum of Art. It was the success of those first two projects that solidified a now 6 year partnership. Since that time, the partnership has served dozens of clients by executing hundreds of events and creating over 1000 pieces of video content.